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Help spread the word about the importance of PE in schools by sharing stories and messages via social media. See below for sample language or share the graphics made available but don’t forget, social media is personal. Take photos of your own, share why you care and encourage others to take action by joining You’re the Cure or using #PEforAllKids.


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Studies show that academic achievement increases when students are physically active. But too many schools don’t offer consistent physical education. Is PE being made a priority at schools in your community? Show your support at

Kids perform better academically when they are physically active. It’s a fact. That’s why we need to protect physical education in schools and make sure students get the opportunity to be active and healthy during the school day. Show your support at


#DYK 65% of kids don’t get the recommended amount of physical activity they need? Find out how you can help at #PEforAllKids

Low income children in OR face higher #obesity rates. Don’t let them fall behind physically, mentally and emotionally. #PEforAllKids

#DYK Physical activity helps kids perform better in other academic classes? Exercise their minds! #PEforAllKids